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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Roopgadh Fort, Dangs, Gujarat

Way to Roopgadh Fort
The only fort in Dangs, Rupgadh fort is located near village Bhujad, around 45 km from Ahwa on Bardipada-Kalibel road. There are two routes to the fort: one from Bardipada-Kalibel road 3 km before village Bhujad off the main road; and another from village Wari-rupgarh in Songarh Taluka of Tapi district, around 7 km from village Bardipada towards Vyara.

Located at 1680 feet above from MSL, the fort of Roopgdh is the only monument that demonstrates the Dangs' indigenous "Giridurg" architecture. Pilajirao, the founder of Gaikwad dynasty established this fort in 1721 AD and made Songadh its capital. However, Pilajirao's son Damajirao selected Vadodara as the capital of their kingdom. Around 2 hours leisure trek from the base leads to the Hanuman temple. Remains of an old canon are found near the temple. A further 20 km trek from the temple leads to the fort. A 10-12 feet high ruined fort-wall is found on all sides. A rectangular 3 meters deep water tank, 18 meters long and 16 meters wide, stands on a mass of rock within the ruins. The steps, within the tank, built up of stone without the use of lime indicates Hemadpanthi architectural form and suggests that the tank might have been built before the fort.
Valley View from Roopgadh Fort

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