This blog contains the details about the place called DANGS located in the state of Gujarat, India. It narrates the places of interest and culture of this tribal hinterland of south Gujarat.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Kilad Eco-tourism Campsite, Dangs, Gujarat

Located 1.5 km off Vansda-Waghai road near Waghai on the banks of the river Ambika, Kilad Eco-tourism Centre is a part of Vansda National Park. With comfortable log huts and tree huts, the camp site is an ideal location for nature camps. The site, having an all season access, is a home to riverine woodlands and aquatic eco-systems and is administered by the Forest Department.
Entrance to Kilad Eco-tourism Campsite, Waghai, Dangs, Gujarat

Orientation Centre
2 Concrete Cottages on water
4 Bamboo Cottages
4 Concrete Cottages in two houses (two in one house)
16 Tented Accommodations with separate bathing and toilet facilities
Separate Kitchen and Dining places
Nature Education Camp
Separate area for Campfire
Bamboo machans for landscape and wildlife viewing

Tree House at Kilad Eco-tourism Campsite
Tents at Kilad Eco-tourism Campsite
The Campsite has a Solar Electricity supply; hence the tourists are requested to use the electricity only when and where it is required. Food is available with the help of ETC (Eco Tourism Committee). One can also have a night trail accompanied with a guide.